Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is essentially a strategic plan that identifies wildland fire issues facing the community and outlines prioritized mitigation actions. Once the CWPP is adopted, it is the community’s responsibility to move forward and implement the action items. This may require further planning at the project level, acquisition of funds, or simply motivating one’s self and one’s neighbors.

This CWPP provides wildfire hazard and risk assessment for selected communities and subdivisions within the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District (FPD), located in Jefferson County, Colorado. Continual development in the region, combined with the buildup of hazardous fuels, limited access, and mountainous terrain, creates a high risk situation for human life and welfare. Potential wildfire loss also threatens local economy, recreation, ecology, historic and cultural sites, and critical infrastructure.

Jeffco CWPP Website