ISO Rating

For Homeowners Insurance

“ISO has completed its analysis of the structure fire suppression delivery system provided in your community. We would like to report that the resulting classification is a Class 4/8B. Properties located within 5-road miles of the recognized, responding fire station, 1000 feet or less from a recognized fire hydrant or within 1000 feet of certain recognized water supply suction points and with a needed fire flow of 3500 gpm or less are eligible for a Class 4. Properties located within 5-road miles of the recognized, responding fire station but over 1000 feet from a fire hydrant or certain recognized water supply points are classified as a Class 8B. Properties located over 5-road miles from the recognized, responding fire stations are classified as a Class 10. The private and public protection at properties in the jurisdiction with larger fire flows is individually evaluated and may vary from the jurisdiction classification. Congratulations on your commitment to serve the needs of your community’s property owners and residents.”

–Taken from official ISO report

We have a total of 5 stations:
Station #1 7939 S. Turkey Creek Rd., Morrison
Station #2 10591 S Deer Creek Rd., Littleton
Station #3 8445 S. Hwy 285, Morrison
Station #4 13877 Grizzly Dr., in the Deer Creek Mesa Subdivision, Littleton
Station #5 10304 Georgia Circle, in Hilldale Pines Subdivision, Morrison

We have a pumper at each station that will pump 1000 g.p.m. and carry 500-600 gallons of water.

There are 3 tankers that carry 2200-3000 gallons of water, they are at Stations 1, 2 and 3.

We do not give a response time since we are a volunteer fire department and
our times may vary.

Questions? Call 303-697-4413 x1 for further information.