Fire Services

ICFPD’s fire service section is staffed by over 40Firefighter’s responding out of five stations located strategically throughout the district. Stations are equipped with apparatus that respond to structure fires, vehicle fires, auto accidents, Wildland fires, rescues and numerous other medical and trauma calls each year.

In our current fleet we have five engines, three tenders, two rescues, two brush trucksand 3 advanced life support ambulances. As we live in the foothills with extreme terrain and weather our entire fleet is 4x4 capable.

Our engines have 600 gallon tanks with a least 1200 GPM pumps.Two of our engines are wildland urban interfaceengines with the ability to pump and roll which are especially suited to our district’s conditions.

Since the majority of our district is not equipped with hydrants or water cisterns we need tenders to transport water to the fire. Our tenders carry 2000 gallons of wateralong with a 4000 gallon port-a-pond.

Our brush trucks carry 400 gallons of water with a 150 GPM pump and are pump and roll capable. These extremely maneuverable trucks are capable of getting into the remote areas and difficult terrain where many Wildland fires ignite.

Our two rescues are able to support structure and vehicle fires, motor vehicle accidents and extrications, hazardous materials and rescue calls. They can also support mass casualty incidents and large Wildland fires as a command vehicle. They carry rope rescue gear, extricationtools, cascade system for SCBA air refill and numerous other equipment to support calls.

ICFPD’s fire service is headed by our Deputy Chief and is staffed with firefighters with state certifications including FFI, FFII, Hazmat operations, Hazmat awareness, Wildland training and extensive training inrope rescue, vehicle extrication and medical training. These volunteer firefighters spend hundreds of hours each year improving their skills and maintaining their certifications.

Any time of the day or night, a call to 911 will bring our well trained firefighters and apparatus to your emergency.